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Galvanised Sheet steel or hot dipped galvanized sheet is an incredibly durable sheet material. It is widely used outdoors and does not need painting to maintain protection against the elements. Galvanised sheet can be folded without losing it protective properties although once laser cut, sheared or punched it would lose its protection properties. Galvanized Steel Sheets give much better corrosion resistance than untreated steel. Galvanised sheet can come with various surface finishes dependant on the mill of origin. Bright spangled, minimised spangle and matt finished are all different surface finishes and the change in appearance can be caused by the amount of lead used during production.


The standard for Hot Dipped Galvanised currently is EN10147: 2000 Z275N

Galvanised comes in Coil form from the mill and is available from 0.5 to 3.0mm. Standard coil widths are 1000mm 1250mm and 1500mm wide in standard in DX51 to DX54.  We also carry a range of heavy coating and structural grades in S250 up to S550GD.  From coil this material can be decoiled to any length


Standard stock sheet sizes are


2000 x 1000


2500 x 1250


3000 x 1500




We Carry:

  • Galvanised Sheet
  • Zintec Sheet
  • Mild Steel Sheet
  • Stainless Sheet

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