Arc's continued investment in fibre laser technology has increased the company's production capabilities enabling laser cutting in a wider range of finishes and sizes

Fibre laser cutting-1
Amada LCG 4020 Fibre laser machine

The Amada LCG 3015 4kw AJ Fibre Laser and the new Amada LCG 4020 AJ 6kw Fibre Laser give continuous high-speed processing. The LCG 4020 can cut over a 4000 x 2000 bed and offers acceleration of 1.4g and a cutting speed of 170m per minute. With a fully automated tower system it also gives the ability to load 9 tonnes of metal which means more efficient use of laser times.

Our site runs 24 hours a day with qualified laser operators so we can offer quality products with a fast turnaround.

The finishes that we can offer include stainless, mild steel (galvanised, Zintec and Cold Reduced CR4), brass, aluminium, copper and bronze.

Fibre laser control panel