we have our own free design process to help you get the best from your product and, With over 70 years combined experience in welding and fabrication, our team is fully capable of meeting your welding needs

Robotic Welding-1

The latest and most capable robotic Mig welding processes can be found at ARC. Robotic welding ensures a consistent weld and a speed of up to three times faster than welding by hand. With less jig work and less manual handling, the robots can produce a cleaner, faster and more efficient weld.

Using the 6 axis, the articulating arm can be programmed to weld even the most complex shapes and jointing configurations.

Using the Fronius 320I Mig, Cmt welding plant, this unit can weld from 1.6mm up to 16mm material thicknesses including mild and stainless with the capability to weld at 3000mm per min and up to 1.5m in a single run.

Our robots can run 24/5 hrs to ensure you get your product on time and at the right price.

Robotic Welding-2